Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, University of Rochester Medical Center
  2016 Statistical Computing
  2016 Introduction to Quantitative Biology (two lectures)
  2015 Genomic Data Analysis Using R/Bioconductor
  2015 Seminar in Statistical Literature (guest lecture) 
  2015 Genomics and Systems Biology (two lectures)
  2013 - 2015 Ethics and Professional Integrity in Research
  2014 Introduction to Bioinformatics (guest lecture)
  2014 Advanced Bayesian Inference with an Emphasis on Computation (guest lecture)
  2012  Current Topics in Bioinformatics (co-taught with Anthony Almudevar

Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  2010 Masters in Public Health Capstone Project (TA)
  2008 - 2009 Statistical Methods in Public Health I and II (Lead TA)
  2007 - 2008 Statistical Methods in Public Health I-IV (TA)
  2007 Data Analysis Workshop (TA)
  2006 - 2007 Essentials of Probability and Statistical Inference I-IV (TA)
  2006 - 2009 Biostatistics Tutor