Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, University of Rochester Medical Center
  2017 Introduction to Statistical Computing
  2016 Statistical Computing
  2016 Introduction to Quantitative Biology (two lectures)
  2015 Genomic Data Analysis Using R/Bioconductor
  2015 Seminar in Statistical Literature (guest lecture) 
  2015 Genomics and Systems Biology (two lectures)
  2013 - 2017 Ethics and Professional Integrity in Research
  2014 Introduction to Bioinformatics (guest lecture)
  2014 Advanced Bayesian Inference with an Emphasis on Computation (guest lecture)
  2012  Current Topics in Bioinformatics (co-taught with Anthony Almudevar

Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  2010 Masters in Public Health Capstone Project (TA)
  2008 - 2009 Statistical Methods in Public Health I and II (Lead TA)
  2007 - 2008 Statistical Methods in Public Health I-IV (TA)
  2007 Data Analysis Workshop (TA)
  2006 - 2007 Essentials of Probability and Statistical Inference I-IV (TA)
  2006 - 2009 Biostatistics Tutor